SBBnetSBBnet is a nationwide digital marketing platform that matches consumers and homeowners with industry-leading partners in solar energy, home mortgages, and auto insurance.

We’re matchmakers.

We’re relationship builders.

We bring opportunities to our partners and help our consumers save money. Want to help someone buy their first home? Or help make solar energy more accessible? Or help make sure a family is insured and protected? We’re hiring.

At SBBnet, we are a proudly employee-owned and employee-managed company located in beautiful Evergreen, CO (20 minutes west of Denver). So what does that mean?

We’re an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan), which means that every single person that works here owns a part of the company. We believe in profit sharing with everyone, open-book financials, and self-managed employees (we don’t believe in middle managers). We have weekly book clubs, podcast clubs, and employee development, classes.

SBBnet is the parent company of Clean Energy Authority (solar energy leads), Loan Bright (mortgage leads), and Compare Insurance Quotes (auto and home insurance leads) and Namastaze (vacation home property management).